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Also if you havent installed software of a location app you can use Mr Tracker which locates a mobile number via sms. This online app works but you have to pay for it. Mr tracker works via sms , once you send them a sms and they reply to it , you will be given latitude and longitude coordinates within their replied sms which you then input into Google maps or just use their online service. Their are other alternatives if you like spy apps but they all have to be installed before hand. My blackberry curve has been stolenif u could suggest me how to try n track it???????

If you had installed any tracking apps or had enabled GPS on your Blackberry then you can easily track it and can follow the steps mentioned in the above comments. Some apps like berry snooper is also helpful. You might have seen Google latitude -. Oh god, then I've done a big mistake. I've just gave my imei to a friend.

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Now he will be able to know my location and I really don't like this. How do I track a stolen blackberry by using another blackberry smartphone? If it is possible can I have the steps of how do I do it? Or is it possible to track it by using the BBM pin?

I'm afraid unless you activated software that can track your phone before it got stolen, you cannot track it now. I'm having difficulties of activating my "blackberry Protect" and i want to have access of viewing my phone while it activated Make sure you follow the steps thoroughly so as to be sure to be prepared for any future disaster. Hello, I am afraid that if you did not have software like PREY installed, it is not possible to track it. Report it to police and if possible speak with your provider.

Firstly,report this incident to police and follow the steps mentioned in the link below immediately -. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for mSpy. I also like that I can adjust settings, deciding which contacts, sites or apps to block or allow. I can also block any suspicious contacts, if such occur.

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Provided you have enabled Location Reporting, to view the approximate location of your smartphone complete the following steps: 1.

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Even my "zombie" 's gps matched precision. The fact that multiple devices are experiencing problems for you MIGHT indicate some common problem with BB but could also indicate some common problem with GPS function in your part of the world?

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Or, possibly, some combination??? Have you tried, or asked a friend with, a "cheap android" in your part of the world?? The GPS has problems on some networks. I am not sure if it is a programming error on the network end or BlackBerry, but the solution I found is to set the mobile network not to use LTE when you want the GPS to work. This is why I suspect some networks have an error in their cell site configuration for BlackBerry phones. Originally Posted by robsteve. Richard Buckley.

Originally Posted by Sue-zz. Possibly something to do with the A-GPS implementation by carriers. Switching off the phone's data-feed will force the mapping app to use only the GPS signal. The other peculiarity of indicated position errors is often down to mapping overlays, when 'new' roads or even diverted rivers don't show up on the map overlay for some months. There's a Maps. Takes sometime to download the maps, and install them, but is eventually quite snappy.

Thanks for the good read on what and how options are used within GPS.

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It is natural, but unfortunate, that we make assumptions how things work based on our experiences with them. This is actually part of the scientific method. We make assumptions postulate theories of how a device, like a GPS, can perform but we often don't take the next step which is to test our assumptions. We observe things like DOP and assume this is a measurement in accuracy it is not and in meters it is not.

Dilution of Position is what mathematicians call a dimensionless quantity. It has no units. It is a computation that tells us how much an error in the system will affect the accuracy of the results.

Why Rioters Won't Be Protected by BlackBerry Messaging System

If the DOP is high even small systemic errors will lead to large position errors. So smaller is better, but even a small DOP won't give you good accuracy when there are large system errors. We assume GPS has accuracy often better than 1m because of the way we see devices perform.

But often the devices are not just using the GPS signal to obtain that level of performance. A street navigation GPS system will, for example, make the assumption you are driving on a road until the weight of evidence forces it to conclude otherwise. This alone is a powerful technique. When Google maps first came out on smartphones without GPS they were able to use multilateration and this assumption to give, at the time, remarkably accurate moving positions.

This in turn lead to the popular assumption that multilateration or cellphone triangulation as it is often called is way more accurate than it really is. A modern smartphone, and dedicated road navigation GPS have magnetic, acceleration, and rotational sensors that are combined with path presumption to estimate a position with high accuracy, unless one of the assumptions is broken.

This can lead the device to conclude you are on a road in the area you are in, but not the road you are on. This is easy to demonstrate even when the GPS signal is good. Select turn by turn navigation mode that will take you past an expressway interchange with long sweeping ramps that take a long distance to diverge. Take the ramp or stay on the expressway whatever is opposite of the turn by turn direction and have a passenger observe how long it takes for the device to detect you have left the planned route. It will often take until the ramp or road changes direction rather than the distance you are from the desired path.

This will give you a good indication of how accurate your GPS fixes are at that moment.

Some years ago I worked on a system that would track cellphone tower hand-off by GPS position and reported signal quality using phones rather than much more expensive and accurate diagnostic equipment. When I presented the first data set to the customer they felt it was bad data because it showed hand-off happening at "locations" they did not expect.